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fun zodiac sign facts here!


    fun zodiac sign facts here!

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    The Capricorn is more reserved and needs to be deeply in love to consider physical intimacy. They do not tend to be open to adventurous experiments but on the plus side, they are steady and constant with their life partner.  To seduce a Capricorn, work hard and move slow. Focus on small touches and lingering looks and don’t give them everything right away. The gradual buildup will give you an extraordinary explosion.

    This sign loves you for your body and doesn’t really care if a relationship exists before they have sex with you. They are all about wild physical passion and unpredictable romance. Their rebellious nature means that the more quirks you have, the better they’ll love you.  For a warm body and a fiery passion, this zodiac sign is the best lover. To seduce Aquarius, play hard to get.

    Pisces offers a loving physical relationship full of pleasure and satisfaction. They are extremely laid back and easygoing and just want a steady, happy partner. Once they find that kind of love, they will gladly solve every problem with make-up sex.  To seduce a Pisces, be aggressive. They are naturally lazy and don’t like much of a chase, so you’ll have to bring the chase to them.

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    DAILY zodiac sign Here!

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Quote Lounge


    Quote Lounge

  9. BITCH ME TOO!! The fuck?

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    zorillaaa I have never seen anything in my fucking life that describes you as much as this….I AM FUCKING DYING. I can literally hear your voice

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  10. personality type: hoe

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